Stainless Steel Developers Association of Nigeria aka Stainless Steel Importers, Sellers, and Installers Association of Nigeria (SSDAN) is a non-profit research organization committed to promoting the use, the many benefits and market development of stainless steel to a sustainable society.

SSDAN is an informal cooperation between associations of the steel, stainless steel and the alloying element industries with headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria.

Aims of SSDAN

  • •    Initiate local production, practice, use and re-use in an eco-friendly way
  • •    Boost profitable stainless steel market growth in the industry
  • •    Educate users about the use and benefits of stainless steel
  • •    Regulate the quality and standards of stainless steel practices
  • •    Co-ordinate and monitor all stainless steel activities
  • •    Invest in research and the development of new markets
  • •    Promote the image/brand of stainless steel and the industry
  • •    Serve as resource persons for local consumption
  • •    Be faithful at all times to all stakeholders
  • •    Advocate stainless and its stakeholders against unfair regulatory
  • •    Work closely and effectively with all relevant individuals and group of persons in both the public and private sectors

SSDAN Partners

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