Properties Introduction

Most people believe that stainless steel corrosion resistance is the only property that matters but that's not the case. In this section, you will discover the many benefits of other stainless steel properties.

Physical Properties

Stainless steel puts together a controlled electrical resistivity with outstanding oxidation resistance. These heating elements are practical on domestic applications such as toasters and hair dryers.

The Magnetic Resonance Imaging of stainless steel is used in the medical field to collect data about the body molecules. These data are collected and examined by a trained medical staff.

Fire Resistance

The stability and resistance to high temperature property of stainless steel makes it an ideal material for the fabrication and installation of tunnels such smoke expulsion fans and lighting systems.


Stainless steel connector is used as a structural building component to join external concrete balconies to internal concrete floor slabs. These connectors are easy to handle and to install. This is known as insulation inserts in buildings.

In the automobile industry, stainless steel silencer is used in exhausts for the reduction of noise emissions from vehicles.


The aesthetic property of stainless steel makes it the best option for making decorative meshes, handrail cables, door handles and watches because of its elegant look, smooth touch and feeling of sturdiness.

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